what we do


Reliable, high quality service is the cornerstone of value, and APT Logistics LLC’s product definitely delivers. Our on-time service is extremely dependable and our transit times are competitive. That’s why we provide a guaranteed a same day or next-day service in certain regions. We have fine-tuned our Activity Center network to minimize handling and maximize speed and quality.


Our most important investment and source of value to you is our company drivers. Due to an aggressive recruitment campaign and the highest pay scale in the industry, we have attracted the best drivers and given them the most technologically sophisticated tools to be optimally productive with. And they are delivering, on time and with an outstanding safety record. The combination of a highly-trained and motivated work force, clear performance standards, and process discipline has created a truly responsive, customer-focused culture throughout APT Logistics LLC.


Our new enterprise ELD system is entirely web-based, Wifi connection and, in conjunction with the hand of your finger tip using your phone our drivers are to log in for log electronically used that runs on 100% real time data. It provides all the tracking GPS tools we and our customers need to identify.